Integration Webhooks

This is an older form of Webhook, which only supports events related to changes in integration state. Unlike General Webhooks, each event generates an individual webhook.

Supported events


An Integration refers to the unique connection between an Enterprise or Property (i.e. Mews customer) and an API client (i.e. Mews partner), corresponding to a unique Access Token. For a full description of all the terms used, see the Mews Glossary for Open API users.

Request body

    "Action": "IntegrationCreated",
    "Data": {
        "Enterprise": {
            "Id": "8865aa96-f62d-4f9b-a912-ab2100f60f42",
            "Name": "Sample Chain Hotel 1"
        "Service": {
            "Id": "9745ce3a-8dbb-4cc0-a550-55f9ff67b242",
            "Name": "Accommodation"
        "Requestor": null,
        "CreatedUtc": "2019-12-13T14:42:52Z",
        "IsEnabled": true,
        "Integration": {
            "Id": "9e5e84e9-974d-4f16-9662-ab2200f27cb1",
            "Name": "WebhookTEST"

Webhook action

Webhook data

The structure of the Data object depends on Webhook action.

Integration created data





Integration enabled data

Integration disabled data

Integration canceled data

Integration reinstated data

Integration deleted data

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