This section provides important guidelines on how to use the Mews Connector API. For information about individual endpoints or operations, see API Operations.


Some of the terms used in the API, such as enterprise, customer or resource may not be familiar. For example, we use resource to describe guest rooms and other types of bookable space. For a full description of all the terms used, see the Mews Glossary for Open API users.


  • Ways to communicate When and how to use API Operations, Webhooks and WebSockets.

  • Requests Details of how to make API Operation requests.

  • Responses Details of API Operation responses, including error messages.

  • Environments A description of the different environments available and how to access them, including test credentials, request limits and more.

  • Serialization Various topics related to data formats.

  • Pagination An explanation of the pagination feature and how to use it to fetch data.

  • Taxation An explanation of the different tax environments and how it impacts your integration.

  • Multi-property Details of multi-property operation with Portfolio Access Tokens.

  • Best practices Advice on best practices for using the API.

  • Certification Information about the process of certifying your integration and gaining access to the Mews Marketplace.

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