Changelog 2017

6th December 2017

  • Extended Product order parameters with UnitCost.

  • Extended parameters of Get all accounting items with TimeFilter.

  • Added Get all bills by ids operation.

  • Added Get all customers by emails operation.

30th November 2017

  • Extended Accounting item with InvoiceId.

  • Extended Space category with Description and ImageIds.

  • Extended Customer with Notes.

  • Extended Key cutter command data with ReservationId.

  • Extended parameters of Add customer and Update customer with Classifications and Notes.

  • Extended parameters of Add reservations with Identifier.

  • Added Get all reservations by customers operation.

  • Added Price reservations operation.

  • Added Add customer file operation.

  • Added Get image URLs operation.

9th November 2017

  • Extended Reservation with Origin.

  • Extended Enterprise with Currencies.

  • Extended Space with FloorNumber and BuildingNumber.

  • Added Get all countries operation.

  • Added Get all currencies operation.

  • Added Get all exchange rates operation.

  • Made Type in parameters of Add external payment optional.

19th October 2017

  • Extended Company with Address.

  • Extended Space category with UnitCount.

  • Extended parameters of Add reservations with State.

  • Added Add printer command operation.

  • Added Add key cutter command operation.

  • Added Get all devices operation.

21st September 2017

  • Extended Enterprise with Email and Phone.

  • Extended parameters of Get all reservations by ids with Extent.

  • Added Add external payment operation.

13th September 2017

  • Extended Company with Identifier and ElectronicInvoiceIdentifier.

  • Extended Rate with IsPublic.

  • Extended Enterprise with TimeZoneIdentifier.

  • Added Get all departments operation.

31st August 2017

  • Extended Customer with Number.

24th August 2017

  • Renamed Charge Customer to Add order, the old endpoint still works.

  • Extended parameters of Add order with ProductOrders.

  • Extended Bill with CustomerId, CompanyId and DueUtc.

  • Extended Enterprise with CreatedUtc, EditableHistoryInterval.

  • Extended Product with Price.

  • Extended Key cutter command data with KeyCutterData.

  • Added Passport scanner command data.

16th August 2017

  • Added Get all company contracts operation.

  • Added Get all cashiers operation.

  • Added Get all cashier transactions operation.

2nd August 2017

  • Added Get service availability operation.

  • Added Add reservations operation.

  • Extended Company with TaxIdentificationNumber.

  • Extended Accounting item with CustomerId.

  • Extended parameters of Add customer with OverwriteExisting and updated behaviour to return error in case of duplicate customer, unless OverwriteExisting is set to true.

  • Updated behaviour of Update customer to return error in case of duplicate customer.

19th July 2017

  • Extended Customer with LoyaltyCode and added it as a parameter to the Add customer and Update customer.

  • Added Get all closed bills operation.

  • Extended bill with Type.

  • Extended Key cutter command data with KeyCount.

  • Added Merge customers operation.

  • Extended Enterprise with WebsiteUrl and Address.

  • Extended Currency value with Net.

12th July 2017

  • Added Fiscal machine command data.

3rd July 2017

  • Added optional ConsumptionUtc parameter to Charge customer operation.

  • Extended response of Get Rate Pricing operation with Currency.

  • Added Classifications to Customer.

  • Added Ordering to Space category.

  • Added CancelledUtc to Reservation.

  • Added optional AllowOpenBalance and Notes parameters to Process Reservation operation.

  • Extended websocket events with Reservation event.

18th June 2017

  • Extended Reservation with AssignedSpaceLocked.

  • Added Rate Extent to Get All Rates, added Rate Restrictions to the result.

  • Added Space Extent to Get All Spaces, added and Space Features and Space Feature Assignments to the result.

  • Added Update Reservation Interval operation.

  • Added optional ServiceId parameter to Charge Customer operation, so any service can be charged.

  • Added Promotions to Service and Product.

  • Extended Customer with SecondLastName and added it as a parameter to the Add Customer and Update Customer.

13th June 2017

  • Introduced Websockets and first use case for command events.

7th June 2017

  • Deprecated BirthDateUtc on Customer and in Update Customer parameters. BirthDate without time specified should be used instead.

  • Deprecated IssuanceUtc and ExpirationUtc on Document. Issuance and Expiration without time should be used instead.

10th May 2017

  • Added ServiceId to Accounting Item.

3rd May 2017

  • Added Update Space State operation.

  • Added Add Reservation Product operation.

  • Extended Product with ShortName.

  • Extended Reservation Time Filter with Cancelled option.

12th April 2017

  • Extended Get All Reservations operation with Extent parameter. This simplifies some of integrations, since now it is possible to fetch both reservations and their items at the same time. It is no longer necessary to first get all reservations and then obtain their items using Get All Reservation Items. Also clients that do not use reservation groups or reservation customers should specify the Extent to be only Reservations and nothing else in order to reduce unnecessary network traffic. On the other hand, if the client makes many successive calls to Get All Reservations , it is not recommended to include things that do not vary into Extent. E.g. Spaces or Rates should still be fetched once, not together with every reservation fetch.

  • Added Overlapping time filter to Get All Reservations operation.

  • Added Get Configuration operation.

  • Added Update Reservation Space operation.

  • Added Update Reservation Requested Category operation.

22nd February 2017

  • Extended Update Customer operation parameters with Email.

  • Extended Accounting Category with Classification.

9th February 2017

  • Added Delete Reservation Companion operation.

  • Added Get All Customers operation.

  • Extended Customer with CreatedUtc and UpdatedUtc.

26th January 2017

  • Extended Customer with BirthPlace .

  • Extended Document with Issuance.

18th January 2017

  • Extended Accounting category with LedgerAccountCode, PostingAccountCode and CostCenterCode.

  • Extended Customer with LanguageCode.

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