Connector API


We have changed the URLs for our API. The old URLs with are no longer operational, instead you should be using:
  • for the endpoints
  • for websockets
For more details, see Environments.


25th April 2022 11:00 UTC

24th March 2022 14:00 UTC

16th March 2022 08:20 UTC

7th March 2022 11:20 UTC

  • Re-structured documentation pages for API operations so pages are organised by domain entity (e.g. countries, outletbills, products) rather than theme (e.g. configuration, reservations, finance)
  • Re-structured documentation pages for Changelog so organised by year; deprecations split off into its own page
  • Some minor additional changes to documentation pages, e.g. webhooks and websockets now in separate directories
  • Added reference to Swagger/OpenAPI definition on home page

11th February 2022 10:22 UTC

8th February 2022 10:22 UTC

7th February 2022 10:22 UTC

2nd February 2022 10:22 UTC