Connector API


26th February 2024

21st February 2024

15th February 2024

12th February 2024

2nd February 2024

1st February 2024

26th January 2024

  • Extended Rule response object with ServiceId, this affects the following operations:

24th January 2024

  • Extended Get all rates with filtering parameter ExternalIdentifiers.
  • Extended Get all vouchers with filtering parameter ExternalIdentifiers.
  • Fixed description (documentation only, no changes in API functionality) of Get all reservations (ver 2023-06-06):
    • Renamed PartnerCompanyId from CompanyId in the property list.
    • Added QrDataCode and CancellationReason to the response.
    • Removed EnterpriseId from the response (it was never part of the response).

23rd January 2024

22nd January 2024

19th January 2024

16th January 2024

15th January 2024