Reputation management

Reputation management systems typically require reservation information, customer profile information, and the ability to update customer profiles.

Retrieving reservations

After a customer has checked out from a reservation, Reputation management systems often send a survey through to a customer's email. The integration partner can request all checked-out reservations for a given period using Get all reservations with reservation state set to Processed. For optimal API usage, ensure cascading time periods with short time frames, e.g. request every 4 hours for the previous 4 hour period. To receive notifications that a reservation has been checked-out, you should use General Webhooks (ServiceOrderUpdated event) or WebSockets (Reservation event).

'How to' use case

API Operations

How to get checked-out reservations

How to listen for changes to reservations

General Webhooks (ServiceOrderUpdated event) or WebSockets (Reservation event)

Updating the customer profile

When a Reputation management system links customer feedback to a customer, use Update customer to update the customer profile in Mews. The customer classification PreviousComplaint should be used when negative feedback has been received. Further to this, keywords from the complaint and a URL to the survey or Tripadvisor post can be added to the customer Notes field.

'How to' use case

API Operations

How to update the customer profile

Testing your integration

Please ensure you follow our general guidelines for testing integrations.

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