Customer management

Customer management integrations pull live information about reservations, customers, products and services, for specified time periods. Such systems allow properties to manage the entire customer journey, from automating targeted marketing and driving sales to guest communication and engagement.

Retrieving new and modified reservations

Although new profiles can be created in Mews without a reservation, communication with a customer typically begins the moment a new reservation is created. Integration partners can listen for newly-created reservations using General Webhooks (ServiceOrderUpdated event) or WebSockets (Reservation event). A new event occurs with every change to the reservation state, meaning partners are informed of any change that might lead to communication from their side, e.g. sending a custom welcome message or a post-stay survey. Reservation events contain the unique identifiers for affected reservations, these can then be used as the filter in a call to Get all reservations to retrieve the required information about the customer and their stay. You can test your Webhooks or WebSockets integration by creating new reservations in Mews, which will trigger these notification events.

If Webhooks or WebSockets cannot be configured, reservation information can instead be requested using Get all reservations with specified Reservation states and Reservation time filters. For example, using the Updated time filter will return all reservations modified during the time interval specified in the request.

'How to' use case

API Operations

How to listen for changes to reservations

General Webhooks (ServiceOrderUpdated event) or WebSockets (Reservation event)

How to get reservation and customer details

How to get reservations updated over a time period

Offering additional products or services

Each Mews property creates a unique set of services and related products which they can offer to their guests. For details on how to retrieve product information from Mews, how to search for customers, and how to correctly post orders to their profile, see the Upsell use case.

Testing your integration

Please ensure you follow our general guidelines for testing integrations.

Additional help for working with the demo environment

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