Changelog 2016

14th December 2016

  • Added Get All Customers By Ids operation.

  • Extended Reservation with ChannelManagerNumber, ChannelManagerGroupNumber and ChannelManager.

  • Extended Get All Products to return products of mulitple services at once.

  • Extended Accounting Category with Code and ExternalCode.

22nd November 2016

  • Added Notes to Accounting Item.

  • Deprecated response of Add Credit Card Payment.

15th November 2016

  • Added BaseRateId and ShortName to Rate.

  • Added Get All Reservations By Ids operation.

17th October 2016

  • Removed the deprecated data fields and operations.

  • Added Start and End Reservation Time Filter.

  • Added ProductId, BillId and Type to Accounting Item.

  • Added ServiceId to Reservation.

  • Added optional BillId parameter to Add Credit Card Payment.

  • Added Get All Services operation.

  • Added Get All Products operation.

  • Added Get Rate Pricing operation.

  • Generalized Update Rate Base Price to Update Rate Price.

1st September 2016

  • Added operation Update Rate Base Price that allows e.g. revenue management systems to provide recommended rates to MEWS.

  • Added operation Get All Reservation Items that returns revenue items of selected reservations.

  • Added Currency parameter to operations Get Customers Open Items and Get All Accounting Items.

  • Deprecated operation Get Customer Balance. Operation Get Customer Open Items should be used instead, since it provides more complete information.

  • Deprecated properties Customer and Companions on Reservation. CustomerId an CompanionIds should be used instead. The customer data are part of the result of Get All Reservations. This removes redundancy in the response data, especially in hostels where the customer is mostly the only companion and currently the customer data were twice in the result.

  • We plan to make Address on Customer optional in order to reduce response sizes, in many cases the customers do not have address details filled in.

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