Data export

The Data export feature of the Mews Connector API provides a streamlined method for retrieving bulk data. This feature is designed for users who require access to a substantial amount of data, such as Order items, without the hassle of making multiple paginated requests subject to timeouts and other constraints.

User scenarios

  • You are a Mews partner onboarding a new property and you need an initial data sync

  • You are a Mews Multi-Property user and want to retrieve data shared across multiple properties

  • You are using a newly added API operation and are loading data for the first time

  • You wish to perform a cross-data sanity check

User benefits

  • Streamlined bulk data export process

  • Reduced API request complexity and potential timeouts

  • Improved scalability for large-scale data retrieval

  • Faster property onboarding process

  • Potential for future expansion to support further data entities


This feature is currently under beta test and is subject to change. If you would like to take advantage of the feature, contact us via

Initiate the export

To initiate a bulk data export, use the Add export operation, specifying the data Entity type, e.g. OrderItem. The operation returns an Export object containing the Export Id to use in the next step. If there is already an export pending, the operation returns a 400 HTTP error code.

'How to' use case

API Operations

How to create a new bulk data export

Check export status

To monitor the progress of the export and retrieve the exported data, use the Get all exports operation. This operation returns details of exports for the ExportIds you specify, including their status. You can repeatedly check the status of an export while its status is Pending or Processing, for example every 5 minutes.

'How to' use case

API Operations

How to check on data export progress

Download exported data

Once the export status changes to Success, you can download the exported data from the provided file URLs. For example:

    "Exports": [
            "Id": "3fa85f64-5717-4562-b3fd-2c963f66afa6",
            "Status": "Success",
            "EntityType": "OrderItem",
            "ExpiresUtc": "2023-10-26T11:42:28Z",
            "Files": [
                    "Url": "",
                    "SizeInBytes": 1215279
                    "Url": "",
                    "SizeInBytes": 1398362

Multiple files: Note the data export may consist of multiple files.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the supported entity types be extended in future?

Depending on user demand, the Mews Connector API may be expanded to support additional data entities for bulk export.

How often should I check for updates?

Export duration can vary enormously, but checking status every 5 minutes is a reasonable frequency. The current mechanism is considered a trial which may be enhanced in future.

Can I export data from multiple enterprises in one request?

Yes, you can use a Portfolio Access Token to request data from multiple enterprises. Doing so will generate an export of data for all enterprises within scope of the Access Token.

For how long are export files available to download?

Export files are available to download for a limited period, typically 1 week. The expiry time is specified by ExpiresUtc in the Export object.

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