Mews Connector API

Welcome to the Mews Connector API. This is a general-purpose API that enables partners of Mews to access data and services in Mews Operations.

To make a quick start and get a feel for the API, see Getting started. For a full guide on how to connect, what authentication tokens you need, the meaning of error codes and much more, see our Guidelines. All of the API operations are detailed in API Operations. In addition, we support Webhooks and WebSockets. Not sure which to use? See Ways to communicate. For specific guidance on using the API for different scenarios, have a look at Use cases which will help you through your implementation.

If you encounter any issues using the API, or you have a question or special request, please get in touch via

Changes to this API

OpenAPI definition

We maintain an OpenAPI definition (formerly Swagger) for the Mews Connector API. You can use this to build out client applications using third party tools. At this stage we consider this a Beta test version, but please use it and get in touch to let us know how you get on.

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