This feature introduces terms such as Portfolio, Portfolio Access Token and Chain. For a full description of all the terms used, see the Mews Glossary for Open API users.

Mews Multi-Property is an optional feature of Mews Operations, which enables customers to easily manage a portfolio of multiple properties. A portfolio can be set up which allows all of the properties within the portfolio to be managed from one place, for example to centrally manage rates and vouchers.

Portfolio Access Tokens

Multi-property functionality is reflected in the API through special Portfolio Access Tokens, these are Access Tokens that give API clients access to all of the enterprises or properties within scope of the portfolio, rather than just to a single enterprise.


Not all API Operations support Portfolio Access Tokens. For those that do, they have an additional request parameter EnterpriseId (singular) or EnterpriseIds (plural). This enables you to specify which enterprise or enterprises you want to connect to or act upon, when using the operation. The enterprises specified must be within scope of the Portfolio Access Token you are using.

If the operation supports multiple enterprises, for example Get all payments, and you use a Portfolio Access Token but do not specify the EnterpriseIds parameter, then the operation will connect to or act upon all of the enterprises within scope of the Access Token.

Some operations, such as Get configuration, accept Portfolio Access Tokens but only return information for a single enterprise. In this case, you must use the EnterpriseId parameter to specify which enterprise you are interested in. If you do not specify the EnterpriseId parameter, then the functionality is undefined, or rather it depends on the individual API operation. For example, in the case of Get configuration, the operation returns information on the 'dummy' enterprise used to identify the portfolio.


Independently of portfolios, properties can be grouped into chains. Chains are used to define legal relationships between enterprises, and for sharing certain data. Some API operations support filtering by ChainId, e.g. Get all companies and Get all loyalty programs. When used in combination with a Portfolio Access Token, ChainId (singular) or ChainIds (plural) can be used to specify which chain or chains you want to connect to or act upon when using the operation, just like with EnterpriseIds. If the operation supports multiple chains, and you use a Portfolio Access Token but do not specify the ChainIds parameter, then the operation will connect to or act upon all of the chains within scope of the Access Token.


How can I obtain a Portfolio Access Token?

The Mews Multi-Property feature is not available for all customers, it depends on system configuration. For more information, please get in touch via

How can I tell if an Access Token is single enterprise or multi-enterprise in scope?

An Access Token is an opaque series of random characters. You cannot tell from looking at a token whether it supports a single enterprise or a portfolio of multiple enterprises.

How can I tell if an API operation supports Portfolio Access Tokens?

The description for an API operation specifies if it supports Portfolio Access Tokens, e.g. see Get all order items. Such operations will normally also have EnterpriseId or EnterpriseIds as a request parameter.

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