Apr 2023 Mewsletter

14 Apr 2023

The Partner Mewsletter April 2023

Hello from the Mews Connectivity Team! It’s that time again! We have been busy, so here’s what you need to know.


  • Payment requests

  • Set restrictions

  • Accounting items split

  • Company billing

  • More pagination

  • Time filters

  • Mews Payment Terminals


  • Multi-property API

  • Availability blocks

Payment requests

You can now trigger a payment request through the API and make full use of the Mews payment infrastructure to offer a seamless and secure guest experience directly in your application – great if you don’t typically deal with payments but want to offer a full end-to-end guest experience.

Set restrictions

We’ve added a more efficient way to manage restrictions, with Set restrictions and Clear restrictions. You tell us what the restrictions should look like, and we take care of the underlying calculations – simpler and more efficient for both parties.

Accounting items split

Accounting items have been split into separate operations for Order items and Payment items. You can fetch the data you want faster and more efficiently, and now using pagination too.

Company billing

Now the owner of a bill or invoice can be a company or an individual customer, to clearly indicate who the payer is, whilst company information can still be attached for cases where a customer pays the bill but is reimbursed by their company. It’s simpler and clearer to bill to a company, and all use cases are covered.

More pagination

All the most popular ‘Get’ operations now support pagination. Use pagination for more efficient fetching of data, to avoid request timeouts and to benefit from a higher quota – all part of API best practices.

Time filters

We’ve added support for UpdatedUtc to several API Operations, such as Get all bills and Get all outlet items. Filter against dates when the data was updated to optimize your searches and reduce unnecessary data transfer. Find them all in the API Changelog.

Mews Payment Terminals

For Kiosk and POS partners, we’ve added a new use case to explain how to connect to Mews Payment Terminals. Increase customer revenue and customer convenience by taking advantage of Mews Terminals.

Multi-property API

You will soon be able to access data and services for an entire property chain through a single Access Token. Manage common resources like companies and customers more efficiently at the chain level. Stay tuned for news on this exciting development!

Availability blocks

You will soon be able to release blocks of inventory back into public availability on a rolling basis. Fine-tune your availability management to maximize your revenue potential. Keep an eye on the Changelog for changes as they occur.

Until next time...

~ The Mews Connectivity Team

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