Oct 2022 Mewsletter

21 Oct 2022

All About Deprecations

Hello from the Mews Connectivity Team. In this Mewsletter, we have three things for you:

  • An Important Call to Action!

  • A Thank You

  • Exciting News about Future Releases

An Important Call to Action!

First and foremost, we are stopping support of the old URL mews.li on November 1st. This has been mentioned repeatedly over the past year, and the time has now come to move over 100% to the new URL mews.com. If you are among the tiny percentage of users still using the old URL...


A Thank You

A warm thank you to our partners who completed the Survey Questionnaire and gave us valuable feedback on our plans to develop the Mews Open API. We are always keen to hear your opinions.

You may notice we have added a feedback widget to all our documentation pages. We hope you will use this to let us know which pages are working for you and which ones need attention.

Exciting News about Future Releases

Let's talk about deprecations! We realize this is important, especially as we continue to roll out new features, and we've listened to your feedback. As a result, we are developing a detailed Policy and FAQ which we will share through our documentation. In summary:

  • Minor breaking changes will have a 6-month deprecation period

  • Major breaking changes will have a 12-month deprecation period

  • All deprecations will be listed, complete with planned stoppage dates

Talking of documentation, we now have a single landing page for the Mews Open API – this sits over our three individual APIs. Not sure which is the right one for you? This is the place to go.

There is plenty more happening, so keep an eye on the Changelogs for new features! And as always, if you have questions, just get in touch! 
Until next time...

~ The Mews Connectivity Team

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