Jul 2022 Mewsletter

26 Jul 2022

API Versioning – Share your thoughts

TL;DR: We have a plan to add versioning to the Mews Connector API, but, first, we want to get your opinions. Click here to take a quick survey.

Now the full story:

We’ve come up with a strategy to speed up our development in a way that will provide you with higher performance endpoints, more rapidly roll out functionality for earlier adopters, and give all partners sufficient time to plan for upcoming, potentially high-impact changes.

What we’re talking about is adding versioning to the Mews Connector API. With the new approach, we would continue to make improvements that remain compatible with the current implementation, but if we need to make larger changes that cannot be made backwards compatible, we would then introduce a new version of the same endpoint that you have the choice to opt into.

Before we move ahead, though, we want to get your thoughts on what would work best for your needs. Of course, we’re also happy to talk further if you'd like.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

~ The Mews Team

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