Changelog 2022

13th December 2022

9th November 2022

  • API: Changed SettlementValue to optional field and added SettlementFlatValue property of absolute settlement amount

25th October 2022

20th October 2022

19th October 2022

1st July 2022

7th June 2022

  • General: Launch of Mews Booking Engine Guide at new URL, based on the old Distributor Guide

    • Entire documentation re-structured and re-worded, for improved navigation and readability, and for consistency with other Mews APIs

    • Product re-branded from 'Distributor' to 'Mews Booking Engine'

    • No changes to API functionality

28th March 2022

  • API: Password for test environment changed to Distributor-api1

18th January 2022

  • Widget: Introduced new API methods to Distributor instance: setAdultCount and setChildCount.

  • Standalone: Introduced new deeplinks mewsAdultCount and mewsChildCount to set initial occupancy.

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