Availability blocks

Get availability blocks

Get details of the availability blocks for the given hotel. This operation can be called initially to fetch data which may be important during the booking workflow. Availability blocks can restrict your booking engine's calendar to specific intervals defined by StartUtc and EndUtc in the response, it also gives you RateId that should be used.



    "Client": "My Client 1.0.0",
    "AvailabilityBlockIds": [
    "EnterpriseId": "3edbe1b4-6739-40b7-81b3-d369d9469c48"


        "Id": "5mgbe1b4-6739-40b7-81b3-d369d9469c48",
        "Name": "Name of the availability block",
        "ServiceId": "a64f85bf-b92c-4df7-b7c8-ab7c00adc59a",
        "RateId": "038a88e6-17c6-4553-b036-aebb00a9bc4c",
        "StartUtc": "2022-06-27T22:00:00Z",
        "EndUtc": "2022-07-04T22:00:00Z"

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