Changelog 2021

29th November 2021

  • API: Changed domain from to

  • Standalone: Changed domain from to

  • Widget: Changed domain from to

19th November 2021

  • Widget: Removed distributorBedOccupancyChanged event trigger.

9th November 2021

3rd August 2021

  • API: Added AverageAmountPerTimeUnit field to Room price replacing the AverageAmountPerNight.

  • API: Added ChargingMode field to Product replacing the Charging.

  • API: Added PostingMode field to Product replacing the Posting.

  • API: Added SettlementMaximumTimeUnits field to Rate group replacing the SettlementMaximumNights.

  • Standalone: Stopped supporting mewsDistributorOpened deeplink parameter.

  • Standalone: Moved introduction guide to Getting started.

  • Widget: Stopped supporting deeplinks in Distributor widget. Deeplinks are now supported only in Distributor Standalone. For a widget, you can use the Widget API instead.

  • Widget: Moved introduction guide to Getting started.

21st July 2021

15th June 2021

  • Widget: Rephrased and restructured main, Distributor Widget and Distributor Standalone introduction.

  • Widget: Added FAQ about Configuration IDs.

10th May 2021

  • API: Fixed inconsistency in naming in the documentation.

  • API: Fixed DTOs table heading to reflect the columns.

3rd May 2021

19th April 2021

30th March 2021

25th March 2021

  • API: Changed naming of URL variables used in the documentation to make clear distinction between application URLs and API URLs.

19th March 2021

  • API: Changed urls for testing (demo) environments.

  • Widget: Changed urls for testing (demo) environments.

16th February 2021

  • Widget: Removed deprecation notice for no longer supported integrations which can be set up via Google Tag Manager (GTM) integration.

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