The Mews Booking Engine API is a public API with client name authorization. It is sufficient to know the unique identifier of a hotel in order to access it, however it is required that the client identify itself by providing the Client property in all requests made to the API.

The Client application needs to be pre-registered with the Mews Support. You can open a ticket from Mews Operations via our Mews Digital Assistant. The registration request should contain:

  • Client - the name of the client that will be used for every API request

  • Email - an email contact for the client's tech/dev department; this email will be used by our developers in order to notify you about any breaking changes in the API

  • Environments - we offer two Environments, Production and Demo, where Demo should be used during API implementation. Note: the two environments have separate client lists, so make sure you are registered in Production before you move your implementation to the Production environment.

Sample Client name

Before the registration of your Client name is confirmed, you can use the sample Client name below. This Client name will only work in the Demo environment. Keep in mind that this must be replaced by your proper Client name as soon as you finish the registration process.

   "Client": "My Client 1.0.0"

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