The Mews Connector API is completely open and self-service - free of charge for integration partners and Mews customers alike to access, build against, and use. Only during certification and pilot confirmation would it require a member of the Mews Marketplace team to evaluate API activities generated by the integration in Demo.

In the spirit of self-service, Mews does not provide a dedicated technical contact for each integration project. Instead, we aim to provide all materials and documentation you may need in order to develop, test, and certify your integration(s) through an automated workflow. To do this, the Mews Marketplace team continuously maintains the documentation. If you encounter bugs or incorrect documentation, please reach out to partnersuccess@mews.com.

Access to a sandbox demo environment

Mews provides a sandbox demo environment that is available to the general public. You are free to experiment with our API using the demo environment credentials at any time in your integration partner journey with Mews. Furthermore, you can also use the demo environment to understand how a user interacts with Mews and where the data exchanged between your solution and Mews would appear in the Mews system. If you are considering building an integration, make sure you or your colleague has already completed the Marketplace registration form to be registered in our integration partners database.

Developing your integration

While we have a full list of API operations you can freely choose from, you can also refer to the use cases to see how various common types of integration use the API to deliver a core set of functionality. Depending on the specificities of your solution and your customers' requirements, you may choose to implement a different flow from what has been described in the various use cases.

Testing your integration

Once your integration is developed, make sure that you have tested your integration against relevant use cases, acceptance criteria, and/or customer's needs. This should be done directly in the aforementioned demo environment. It is the integration partner's responsibility to ensure the quality and accuracy of data exchanged between the third-party system and Mews, for example that data is sent correctly to Mews, the desired set of data is pulled successfully from Mews, and the number of API requests made are within the request limits for the Demo or Production environment. Note that the features and functionality seen in the Demo environment mirrors that in the Production environment.

Certifying your integration

Once you have finished building and testing your integration, complete the certification form to launch the certification process. The certification process aims to confirm that the integration's API requests are accurate according to the Mews Connector API specifications, but does not question processes on the partner side. Evaluation of the integration for certification will be based on the information provided in the certification form regarding selected API operations and their purpose of use. The type of integration and the suggested implementation flow outlined in the use cases will be used as a general baseline as part of the evaluation.

Further information

For more information about the integration partner journey, as well as any related marketing or commercial topics, please refer to the Mews Help Center.

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